Jacktrip Server Settings

The settings below help you fine-tune the JackTrip server settings to work with your Internet Connection. See below for recommendations to achieve best performance.

Your Jacktrip Server IP:

Buffer Size (Frames per Period)

Server Ring Buffer Size

Server Mode

Please note that JackTrip servers run at 48 kHz / 16 bit audio only.

Settings Information


This setting must be the same for all users on this server.
Lower value: low latency for use with high quality networks
Higher value: larger buffer for use with reduced quality networks


Corresponds to the -q setting for each user. Not required to be the same for each user.
Lower value: Gives lower latency but does not tolerate network packet jitter
Higher value: For reduced quality networks that have higher network packet jitter


All Clients: Each client hears all clients except themselves
All Clients with Loopback. Each client hears all clients including themselves

Recommendations for best performance using JackTrip servers:

• For better performance over longer distances, increase the buffer size and the server ring buffer size.
• The buffer size for your Jack Audio Connection Kit (QJackCtl) must match the chosen server buffer size
• Server ring buffer size can be different on the server and your local computer
• A typical command to start JackTrip is: jacktrip -C -q24 where the numbers are replaced by your private server’s IP address
• Make sure to use a wired connection between your router and the computer you are running JackTrip on. WiFi connectivity is not recommended
• We recommend not using a mobile hotspot or smartphone in hotspot mode for JackTrip. 4G LTE based hotspots do not give sufficient network performance for JackTrip.
• Make sure no other downloads or uploads are happening on your network. Dropbox, Google Sync, and similar services should be paused while using JackTrip.
• When running video conferencing apps in parallel with JackTrip connections such as Zoom or Skype, we recommend running these on a separate computer or your smartphone, and to use a completely separate network connection such as a mobile hotspot or smartphone in Wi-Fi hotspot mode, for video conferencing with Zoom, Skype, or similar services.

If needed, you can reboot the server with the button below

Reboot time is approximately 3 minutes.